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Dunster House offers a wide range of sheds; Mini Sheds, Bike Sheds, Potting Sheds and Conventional Sheds. They come in various sizes and styles so the idea of filling them up can be quite daunting.
All of our sheds are made with pre-cut pressure treated timber which protects against rot and insect infestation. It also ensures that your shed is completely low maintenance as you will not have to keep applying treatment. Made using half height panels, attached to a robust 70mm x 35mm frame,the construction of your shed will be quick and simple.

We have come up with some optional extra’s giving you the option of extra storage, security, guttering, lights and doors. Of course, this varies depending on the range you buy.


Potting Sheds
The potting shed provides you with the space to store all of your gardening equipment and spare pots, in addition to this, you will have space to grow and repot your plants without creating a mess in your garden. These come with some optional extra’s to increase your gardening pleasure.

VentilationShed Dunster House
Add a skylight to remove the stagnant air and increase ventilation in your Potting Shed. The metal stay arm allows you to control how much ventilation it has. You also have option to add opening side panels to your greenhouse to increase ventilation even further.
All of our glass is 4mm toughened glass so it is harder to scratch or break than the cheaper alternatives meaning you can relax without the worry of a rogue football smashing through the window.

You can choose from manual or temperature sensitive opening windows which automatically open when humidity gets to high within your potting shed.
Shed Dunster HouseStaging
Raise your plants to the ideal position with our free-standing staging, the pressure treated lower shelf is removable for you to store larger plants if needed while the legs are angled to maximize space within the shelf.  The unit is mobile so you can move it to ensure your plants get the optimum amount of sunlight.

For a more permanent attachment to your Potting shed, the single staging is for you.  The deep slatted pressure treated shelf is fixed into place, ensuring stability, with angled supports to maximize underneath space. Ensure that your plants get all the sunshine they need by being in control of where the shelf sits.
In our larger models, you have the option of double-sided staging. It is the same as the above but on both sides of the Potting shed, giving you optimum light.
Our sheds are the ultimate accessory for your garden. Made with Pressure Treated timber and toughened glass, they are low maintenance and high quality. The work sheds create a large amount of space for you to work in.

Shed Dunster HouseHinged windows
Upgrade your windows from the fixed version to a hinged window and maximize ventilation within your shed. All of our windows are made with 4mm toughened glass rather than perspex like some of our competitors. This means you can relax knowing that a football is not going to come through your shed window.


Shed Dunster HouseAdditional Door
Replace one of your existing Shed walls with this wall and door alternative, providing you with convenient external access for your gardening needs. If you choose this optional extra, unfortunately you will not be able to attach any guttering to that side of your shed.

July 4, 2014

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