Our Vanity summerhouse

Summerhouse Vanity Dunster House

A lot of people do not have a garden big enough to permit a full size garden building. We do not want you to miss out on the joy it brings so we have designed one for you. Introducing Vanity – our half sized summerhouse.

Our half summerhouse has all the high quality features of our full size summerhouse, with one big difference. Due to its design, you can place this garden building right at the back of the garden, against a wall or fence. As the image below shows, the design is simply three windowed sides and the back, you have a full view of your garden, wherever you decide to place this building in your garden.

Summerhouse Vanity Dunster House

The two large french windows allow plenty of sunlight in whilst you sit back and relax, enjoying the result of all your hard work in your garden. These are perfect for intimate meals with friends, family or sitting back and having a well deserved catch up with a friend over a cup of tea and a bite to eat.  The small space is perfect for the colder months when going out does not seem so appealing.

As with most of our garden buildings, the vanity summerhouse comes with sculpted Georgian bars. These elegant looking additions are sculpted so that they do not float in front of the glass but actually touch the glass. If you do not feel that these are needed on your summerhouse, they are easily removable.

Summerhouse Vanity Dunster House

Why not add a more personal touch to your summerhouse with one of our personalised plates, simply select this optional extra and feel a sense of pride and ownership as your name is placed above the door.

Summerhouse Vanity Dunster House

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September 18, 2014

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