Vital maintenance for the colder months!


Even though it’s quite warm in mainland England for this time of the year it’s still time to prepare for the winter months that still lay ahead.

Here are some tips to help you tidy up your garden this month.

1) Clear up weeds, fork over beds and borders and incorporate as much organic matter as you can. It helps to prepare the soil for next year and also to reduce pests.

2) Check on pots and other tender plants and ensure you are using winter protection against storms and frost. You can use bubble wrap or fleece to insulate them over the winter. Alternatively you can transfer them into a Greenhouse. If you don’t own one then check out our wide range of Greenhouses and Potting Sheds.

3) Clear paths of moss and weeds. Raise containers onto bricks to avoid them sitting in the winter wet.

4) Clear debris to prevent slugs and snails. Look out for pest and disease such as grey mould on plants and remove affected growth. Winter pansies can also get mildew and black spots; if this is the case then cut off the leaves.

5) Make leaf mould out of fallen leaves. Store them wet and they will rot down into fertile matter. You can use large black plastic bags with holes or a container.

6) Do not to let leaves accumulate around alpines as they will die if covered up in damp for long.

7) Tidy up trees and shrubs, cutting out any dead, diseased or damaged wood and add them to the compost bin. Pruning can be carried out now for most of these including roses. Tie climbers onto supports to protect them from the wind.

8) If you have a Log Cabin or Summerhouse make sure that you re-apply treatment if required, look out for possible rain damage or leaks and also make sure that you are taking measures to control moisture in and around the building

9) Repair your fence or buy a new one from our brand new range of Fence Systems.

10) Clean and insulate greenhouses and ensure heaters are working properly. Dirty windows can also affect the levels of sunlight your greenhouse is exposed to and therefore the conditions that your plants and vegetables need to grow.

December 17, 2015

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