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Windows and Doors Dunster House

Windows and Doors Dunster HouseWith all the images, reviews and information I give you on the various Log Cabins, Climbing Frames, Summerhouses, Greenhouses and other Garden Buildings it is easy to forget that this is not what we started out doing. Little over twenty years ago, we started work from a little factory on Dunster Street, Northampton (hence our name, Dunster House). We weren’t producing the large range of furniture that we do now but rather uPVC windows and doors.
As with all our other products, we want to give you choices! That is why we choose offer Residential doors, French doors, composite doors, patio doors and stable doors along with uPVC windows, French windows and uPVC bay or bow windows. With each of these options, we can give you an instant quote and deliver them to you in just 7-14 working days[i] as we manufacture them in house at our Bedford factory. We don’t buy in our windows or glazing units from outside suppliers like many of our competitors which allow us to keep our costs low by cutting out the middle man.

So, why do you need to replace your current windows with our uPVC Energy Saving Windows? 

Windows and Doors Dunster HouseIn an ideal world all of your homes and buildings would be built with the most energy efficient materials on the mark in order to have the lowest environmental impact. However, this is probably not the case unless you live in a new property, costing you more on heating your building. It is, of course, possible to get windows that are even better for energy efficiency for than the ‘C’ Rated windows we sell, even going as far as the expense of ‘A’ Rated triple glazed windows. But you have to consider the expense vs. the benefit. If you are replacing windows and doors in anything other than a modern house, then the chances are that they are other more cost effective changes you could make. Rather than spend thousands of extra pounds on triple glazing, a Dunster House window will provide excellent insulation, get you through the building regulation requirement and then you can consider spending the savings you make on upgrading the wall insulation levels, or insulation for the roof.

What about building regulations?

Windows and Doors Dunster HouseA lot of these big firms would charge £10,000s for a whole house of windows and doors, whereas
DIY windows and doors from Dunster House can cost as little as £2000 for your entire home. So you can save £10’000s by installing windows and doors yourself or by getting a local skilled tradesman to install them for you.

All you need to do is make sure the windows and doors match building regulations. The rules are all based on the situation. So a window that might pass building regulations for one location will not for another. This might seem daunting but do not worry! I will try to simplify the main issues, as we see them, which our customers may need to be aware of when looking to comply with building regulations.

The main areas to focus on are:

  1. Safety from impact (Part K Building Regulations, here)
  2. Ventilation (Part F Building Regulations, here)
  3. Fire Escape (Part B Building Regulations, here)
  4. Insulations (Part L Building Regulations, here)

It may be there are additional restrictions on your property, such as sound insulation in noisy areas (Part E – Resistance to sound); it is always worth giving your local building control officer a call, they should be able to give you advice regarding building regulations.

The responsibility for meeting building regulations lies with the person installing the products and the landowner. So if you are installing yourself, you need to ensure your choice of style and options result in your windows and doors meeting the rules above. If you are paying a professional installer to install the windows, then if know their trade properly, they’ll refuse to install any windows that do not meet the requirements for your home.

So what do you do once you are sure your windows and doors comply? For a small fee your building control officer will be able to inspect your windows and doors after installation and provide you with a certificate to show you have made the right choices. This will be needed when you come to sell your house. Normally the fee is only an administration fee to cover their costs. It is a service run by the council so they are not out to make profit from it. A small admin fee is easily paid for by the saving of £10,000s by doing the windows and doors yourself!

Our online design tool uses a simple step by step process to produce an instant quote for the uPVC windows and doors you want, in just a few minutes. You won’t find the same quality product, level of service or price to match – if you do match it, we guarantee to beat it[ii]. Visit our website, or call our sales team on 01234 272 445, to order your windows and doors today!


[i] On occasions this will stretch to 20 days. Please see our terms and conditions

[ii] Guarantee relates to an equivalent product, with an equivalent level of service, from a company with equivalent history (10 years trading or more) for less. We retain the right to refuse this offer.

February 16, 2016

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