We were on the TV!

FortPlus Escape Climbing Frame Dunster House

FortPlus Escape Climbing Frame Dunster House

We were on The TV!!!

It is always a pleasure to hear from happy customers and when they send us in pictures – even better! So we were delighted when eagle-eyed Dunster House staff members spotted, not once but twice this week, one of our very popular Climbing Frames on the television.

The first sighting was on Channel 5 on Thursday 11th October, on their house-swap documentary series Rich House, Poor House. The Hansens family and the Gittings family swapped homes for 1 week to see how each family adapted to living at opposite ends of the wealth divide.  The 3 Gittings children really seemed to flourish in the Hansens amazing garden.  We regularly saw the children on the FortPlus Escape Climbing Frame, swinging, sliding and climbing.  They looked like they were having so much fun in the fresh air, really making some wonderful memories!

Watch the episode here.

FortPlus Escape Climbing Frame Dunster House

We noticed our FortPlus Escape model for a second time on Thursday 18th October on CBeebies. Our Family is a lovely series on CBeebies that follows the lives of 8 sets of young children and families. You can watch six-year-old Charlotte, and her younger sister Zoe having a great time tackling the monkey bars.  With a little help, and a few words of encouragement, from Mum and Dad they made it!

You can catch up on the episode here.

FortPlus Escape Climbing Frame Dunster House


We’d love to see your pictures of our Climbing Frames.  Please email them to us at marketing@dunsterhouse.co.uk.

The FortPlus Escape costs just £599.99. For more information follow this link https://dunsterhouse.co.uk/fortplus-escape-w4-2m-x-d4-0m. You can also give our helpful Sales team a call on 01234 272445.


October 19, 2018

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