What makes our superfelt so super?


When our Directors first came to the marketing team to tell us about the new Superfelt, I have to admit that I was stumped. We already sold felt, alongside our shingles (both hexagonal and square) so I didn’t understand what would make the Superfelt superior to what we already sold. I decided to do some research into this because, if I  was asking the question, then you must have been too.

To put it simply (don’t worry I will break it down later) Superfelt is made from a stronger material than normal felt. It will last longer and you won’t need to replace it as often. This is not to say our ‘normal’ mineral felt is not a good material; it’s a low cost, easy to install option that will help waterproof your Log Cabin far better than the inferior sand felt available elsewhere. However our Superfelt does have superior properties: it is not only thicker but made from an advanced polyester formula that makes it far more resistant to tearing in strong winds – crucial for a Garden Building that will be exposed to harsh elements for a prolonged period.

To talk science, the Superfelt has a superior tensile strength when compared to the standard felt we sell. For those of you who don’t know (I didn’t), tensile strength is how resistant a material is to breaking under tension. A small sample is tested by pulling it with a tensometer until it finally breaks under the strain. OSuper felt’s superior tensile strength means that we’re confident that your felt will be more resistant to tearing. This makes it ideal for use on Sheds, Log Cabins, Garden Offices and other Garden buildings[i].

Further to its superior tensile strength, Superfelt is also easier to install as it has a greater nail tear resistance than traditional felt. This drastically reduces the risk of having to replace your entire roofing material in the event of a tear during installation. Even more importantly for a material that will need to be moulded and moved, the Superfelt has a larger elongation at break. In simple terms (again, I was unsure too) the elongation at break is a way of testing how the resistant the material is to changes of shape without cracking. By having a material with a larger elongation, we can be sure your material is strong enough to withstand manipulation.

Designed specifically for prolonged exposure to the elements, the non-rotting base and UV resistant mineral surfacing give you peace of mind that your Garden Building is protected from anything the British seasons can throw at it. You may feel overwhelmed at the amount of technical information I am throwing at you throughout this blog but there is no need to worry, the installation of the Superfelt is lightweight and just as easy to install as our other available felt.

To order individual rolls of our Superfelt, visit our website or call our sales team on 01234 272 445.


[i] http://www.ikogroup.co.uk/SiteFiles/Content/MediaLibrary/Documents/Data%20Sheets/Super-Shed-Felt-_08-12_.pdf



February 10, 2016

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