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We often get asked on our Facebook and Twitter pages what makes our PremiumPlus Log Cabins special. I never know how to answer this on our social media as there are so many reasons that it can easily turn into an essay – something you don’t need on social media. Instead I’ve decided to turn my essay into a blog where I can tell you exactly what makes our PremiumPlus Range the best on the market.


Let’s start with the entry point to your cabin: the doors! Our doors are designed to be taller than the average on the market – 6’ 2” in fact – so you don’t need to worry about banging your head when coming in and out of your retreat (unless, of course you are jumping for joy, or are just very tall). Further to this we make our doors 5’ 1”, wide not only letting a lot of light in during the day but also making maneuvering bulky furniture in and out easier.

After a busy day moving your favourite sound system, TV, games console and other valuable things into your Log Cabin it’ll be time for you to go inside for the evening. Don’t worry, our 4 point locking system, featuring a hook, locking latch and two roller locks, will keep your valuables safe from unwanted hands – we even go so far as to use a RASP cylinder to reduce the chance of ‘lock bumping’ and ‘cylinder snapping’!


We know our windows – we should after manufacturing them for so many years – which is why you will receive toughened glass whether you opt for the 4mm Single Glazed or Double Glazed windows which is made up of two 4mm glass panels separated by a 16mm spacer bar. This layout creates a 24mm thick window which not only offers a great thermal efficiency but we believe it’s the thickest available on the market.  These are tested to European Standard EN1279.

This allows us to give you a five year guarantee against the seals breaking down and the unit misting up so you don’t need to worry about condensation. By using thick toughened glass you not only get great noise insulation but heat insulation as well making your Log Cabin a cosy place to be in all year round.

The windows have the same high quality design as our doors with unique domestic friction stays keeping your window in place no matter how wide you choose to open it. When it’s time to close up, the key locking handles increase security even further by forcing two mushroom headed cams into the Espagnolette locking system.


So now you know your equipment will be safe, what about the cabin itself? We use Slow Grown Spruce in the majority of our Garden Buildings. We choose Spruce because it is a better timber than the Pine or Mixed Softwoods that are available on the market today. There are a multitude of reasons for this, many of which can be found here, but to generalise:

– Less dead knots for a stronger, more stylish finish.

– It has less sap meaning less chance of it ruining your clothes, furniture or belongings

– Less permeable cell membrane wall making it naturally more water repellant, a must for Log Cabins that will be continually exposed to the conditions of the ‘British’ weather

– Not susceptible to blue mould fungus, a common fungus that causes black marks to appear on the surface of pine when it gets wet.


All of our Log Cabins are designed to last, with careful precautions taken to ensure their longevity. This is why we provide pressure treated bearers with all of our Log Cabins. These sit below the Log Cabin floor, in direct connection with your chosen base, which is why the pressure treatment is so important. The act of pressure treatment forces the treatment deep in to the timber, far more effectively than dip treating, and protects it against rot and fungal decay.

We are so sure of this fact that we guarantee them for 10 years. The guarantee eliminates the need to annually reapply treatment, something that many of our competitors’ guarantees require. Once you’ve bought them, they are guaranteed. You won’t need additional work to them.

The rest of the timber in your Log Cabin is untreated. Giving you the choice of treatment colours to create your dream garden building. You will need to apply treatment annually. Check out our maintenance guide, visit here. For our varied selection of treatments will make this choice easy.

Choice of thickness

This sounds like a strange title, trust me, I know. However, it is an important consideration when thinking of buying a Log Cabin. Our PremiumPlus range gives you 3 options: 28mm, 45mm or 130mm.

Regardless of the thickness you choose, your Log Cabin will feature our 4 notch corner system. Thus making your Log Cabin a lot more windproof and watertight. The 28mm and 45mm thickness are very similar. The main difference being that the 45mm has double tongue and groove timber. This means it has a tighter fit  and is less likely to become dislodged with the natural movement of timber.  Our 28mm has a tongue and groove system so is secure also.

The 130mm timber is something very special. It consists of two 28mm walls with a 70mm air gap. In between you can choose to fill with our polyurethane insulation. NASA also uses this insulation to insulate their fuel tanks. So you can be certain that it’s a fantastic insulator.

Finishing touches

Throughout this post, you’ll have noticed that we like to give you choices. This extends to our roofing material. We have four different materials: budget felt, super felt, rectangular shingles and hexagonal shingles. All offer varying degrees of protection and waterproofing. It’s all down to what best suits your budget and requirements.

January 8, 2016

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