Where will you be watching the World Cup this year?

World Cap Log Cabin Dunster House


World Cap Log Cabin Dunster HouseThe wait is almost over and the road to Rio has been paved with football shirts and carnival paraphernalia. That’s right; the World Cup 2014 is just around the corner!

It’s safe to say this year’s World Cup will be something spectacular. Brazil’s carnival atmosphere, bright lights and vibrant colours mixed with the excitement of football fans will ensnare the audience. Gluing us to our seats. If you’ve not pencilled the date into your diary for this summer’s biggest party then you’re a little behind. Everything kicks off on the 12th June and will be broadcast to living rooms, bedrooms, log cabins, bars and workplaces across the globe until July 13th. The big question is, where will you be watching?

Where will you be watching the World Cup?

At Dunster House we have a range of log cabins to suit everyone’s requirements, especially if you’re looking for your very own man cave. You won’t have to worry about who’s in charge of the remote. Your own little home from home can be decorated for your enjoyment and relaxation.

World Cap Log Cabin Dunster HouseWe all know space is invaluable especially if you are looking to fully furnish your log cabin. Everyone has different ideas on how they would like their log cabin to look, adding your own personal touch really sets it apart. Our log cabins come in a range of sizes, from standard to our Grande and Grande XL cabins, all providing you with the perfect platform for any passions you wish to pursue! Perhaps you intend to use it as an area for relaxation or entertaining. Either way your neighbours, family and friends will love your latest asset!

You don’t have to spend a lot of money creating your hide-away. This is your room, and whatever you choose to fill it with is up to you. It could be as simple as just throwing a couch and television in and shutting the door. Or you can take it much further. Depending on the time you have to spend on it, and the money you wish to spend, it can be as amazing as your imagination. No matter what, if it’s filled with the things that specifically make you happy, you’re on the right track.

If you are struggling to come up with ideas on how to decorate your log cabin the customer gallery above can surely point you in the right direction. We all have our different tastes but in our opinion this is the ultimate man cave, if we are being extremely critical the only thing missing is a games machine, but we can agree to disagree!

So what are you waiting for? Invest in a fantastic log cabin from Dunster House and back the boys in Brazil!

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