Winners Announced – GB Garden Office Competition

Winners of Garden Office Competition

Thank you to all those who entered our Dunster House Great British Garden Office Makeover” Competition and shared their amazing photographs and creative videos. It took a while for the judges to choose a winner because the standard was so high, we couldn’t all agree. Eventually we narrowed it down to the final three  – here they are: 

1st place

First place had to go to Linda Read who, as her slideshow shows, transformed our Severn Log Cabin into a art studio where she can run workshops, have her own studio space and stop her equipment/tools from taking over her home.

“A fantastic new studio space for creating my mosaics and running small group workshops. I absolutely love spending time there looking out over the garden!”

The stunning Log Cabin looks great in her garden, giving Linda enough space to run her business without feeling cramped whilst also leaving plenty of room in the garden for entertaining friends and enjoying her down time. Her slide show video shows her garden throughout the transformation, finishing with images of the bright, spacious Log Cabin in all its glory!


2nd place

Winners - Theodore Garden Office from Dunster House Exterior Design

Our Great British Garden Office Competition 2nd place goes to Claudia McFarlane. She transformed her garden, and her business, with our Theodore Garden Office. At the bottom of her garden, it takes just 30 seconds for Claudia to step inside her office and, thanks to the high quality pressure treated timber and chic modern interior, impress all of her clients.

Winners - Theodore Garden Office from Dunster House Interior Design

“I am very pleased with the Theodore Garden Office. It look’s great at the bottom of my garden and it is a perfect space for work.”

Winners - Theodore Garden Office from Dunster House Interior Design

The walls, floor and roof of the Theodore Garden Office are insulated with the best insulation on the market: Polyurethane. This retains heat better than cheaper alternatives so Claudia doesn’t have to worry about the weather outdoors, she’ll be cosy and warm in her office. For even more heat insulation, and sound insulation too, the office features 28mm sealed double glazing. It really is the perfect place to work!

3rd place
Winners - Taria Garden Office from Dunster House Exterior

Third place goes to Keith Mothersdale and his suntrap Tarian Log Cabin W5.5m x D4.0m. His spacious, and very bright, Log Cabin made the perfect space to transform into a Garden Office. Placing his desk near the window, he gets to relax as he is bathed in light. In addition to having a spectacular view out of his office window. When entertaining clients, or on the rare occasion he takes a break, he has also managed to fit a sofa and table into the Log Cabin too.

Winners - Taria Garden Office from Dunster House with desk and office furniture

Working outdoors in my incredible Tarian log cabin has transformed my work environment. I am more relaxed, more productive, and can chill at the same time.

Winners - Taria Garden Office from Dunster House with living room furniture

The Great British Garden Office Makeover” Competition is now closed so no more entries will be accepted. Thank you to everyone who sent in fantastic images and videos of their work space. You certainly gave the staff here some ideas. Visit our gallery to see if you agree with our decision – let us know in the comment box below! 

October 20, 2016

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