Working from home solutions this winter

Working from home Log Cabin Dunster House


Working from home Log Cabin Dunster House

At Dunster House we offer an extensive range of fully insulated log cabins and garden offices which can provide ideal accommodation for your working from home needs this winter.

As the afternoons get darker and the temperature drops, we know that the modern home-worker will succumb to the need for extra heating and lighting. That is why we have designed unique off grid 12v solar powered heating and lighting solutions, which can supplement your garden office’s energy needs and help to reduce your energy bills throughout the winter period.


During the British winter there are plenty of clear, but cold, days with lots of sunlight. This is why we have designed a unique 12v off grid solar air heating concept that can bring in warmed fresh air every time the sun shines. This not only offers a secondary source of heating but also helps to eradicate any damp or condensation by acting as a dehumidifier by circulating fresh air inside.

The off grid solar air heater uses a heat absorbing surface material to warm fresh air, which is collected underneath the glass exterior. This trapped, now warmed; fresh air is then circulated throughout the cabin by a small 12v fan, which is powered by a single 15 watt solar PV panel.

See it here.


During reasonable radiation levels our three or six bulb off grid 12v design can provide your garden office with a primary source of lighting. However this is dependent on solar radiation levels – unless you connect it to a battery, which is then constantly charged by the sun, so that you can have lighting at anytime during the day or night.

See our lighting here.

Our off grid solutions will not only help with your energy costs this winter but will also help to prevent your property’s carbon footprint from rising and will show a commitment and awareness to eco friendly solutions and climate change.

To find out how we can help you to create perfect garden office and working conditions this winter call us on 01234 272445 or fill in our contact enquiry form here.

December 16, 2013

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