Working From Home: The Benefits of a Garden Office

Garden Office Exterior Design Dunster House

With more than 3.7million people employed to work from home on a part or full time basis this year, we look at five reasons why a garden office from Dunster House could benefit the modern ‘home-worker’.

Increase living space and property value:

  • A timber built garden office is a cost effective solution to building an extension or moving to a new property for extra living space, with a minimal amount of disruption to your home. However, having an outbuilding will also increase the profitability of your property if you do eventually decide to move.

Garden Office Interior Design Dunster HouseReduce stress, time and money

  • Having an office in your garden will promote a slower paced work life and a better balance with your personal life. For instance the stressful, time consuming and gas guzzling commute in rush hour traffic will be replaced with a gentle stroll through your garden at ‘five-to-nine’.

Garden Office Interior Design Dunster HouseKeep work and family life apart:

  •  An outbuilding will allow you to avoid domestic distractions and give your home back to your family by having somewhere other than the dining room table as your office desk. It will keep equipment and documents safe and secure from inquisitive children or boisterous pets, and enable you to leave work and go home to ‘escape’ as normal.

Garden Office Exterior Design Dunster HouseAdd character to your garden:

  • Any garden building will add a touch of luxury to your home by being an attractive focal feature of your outdoor space. Offices with a veranda will also provide a seating area for you to sit and relax on a warm summers evening and watch the sun set over your garden.

Garden Office Interior Design Dunster HouseBe closer to home:

  • Whilst you may still work normal office hours you will no longer have the commute which eats away into your evening family time. For ‘stay at home parents’ an office will allow you be closer to home to pick the children up from school and to not have to rely on and pay for childcare services.

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February 2, 2012

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