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Working From Home - Log Cabin Dunster House with chair and table

Today marks national freelancer day, a day to celebrate the estimated 1.88m freelancers working within the UK in 2015[1]. Although the umbrella of freelancers covers many different professions, people and office set ups, it has one thing in common: you are your own boss.

You can work from inside your house. It’s a perfectly viable option that works for a lot of people but, and I speak from personal experience here, it’s very hard. I always go to bed the night before with a to-do list in my head and a plan to wake up early. Working before everyone else wakes up is easy; I put my headphones in and listen to music whilst I work. The hard work begins when people start to wake up because suddenly I am dealing with my partner, the phone ringing, surprise visitors, getting the flat ready for a family dinner all while trying to remain focused and creative.

Through my two years working at Dunster House, I have seen such fantastic Log Cabins, Summerhouses and Garden Offices that you have transformed into work spaces that are perfect for you. As a way to join in the celebration of freelances, we thought we would show you some of the offices our customers have created:

Donna Salt
Donna Salt’s Log Cabin just had to be in here. She transformed her PremiumPlus Avon W3.0m x D7.0m Log Cabin into fully functional nail bar so her work could stop interfering with her home life and create a relaxing, cosy atmosphere for her clients. Looking at the outside of Donna’s Log Cabin, you can tell it looks good but would never be able to tell just how spectacular. She opted to have a dividing wall, with two doors, giving her a separate room for treatments such as bikini waxes, eyebrow tinting etc.  The main space has room for not one nail technician but two and includes a waiting room. To find out more about Donna’s cabin, and her stunning décor, read our case study.

Working From Home - Log Cabin Dunster House Beauty Salon Design

Working From Home - Log Cabin Dunster House Beauty Salon Design

Sue Flint
Sues Coronet Log Cabin is my dream office. She originally used it as for her private counselling sessions, the large windows letting in plenty of light while she worked, before she retired and transformed it into a cabin where she can focus on her first novel. After retiring from full time work Sue turned her cabin into her own ‘totally feminine space’ by ‘painting the chair pink, refurbished it, hanging pink curtains and replaced the brown cushions with fluffy hearts’. Telling us that it was the best money she had ever spent as it gives her a bit of peace away from the phone, TV, household chores and other daily distractions to totally focus in her own little haven.

Working From Home - Log Cabin Dunster House with decoration

Working From Home - Log Cabin Dunster House with chair and table
Nick Morris
Nick was faced with the difficult challenge of finding a space that could comfortable have two people working inside without feeling cramped but our Garden Offices were out of his budget. After looking at the varied range of products on our website, he opted for the Lantera Log Cabin and utilised all our optional extras to make it his dream office. The spacious interior has room for two desks, storage and everything needed to run a successful business – they even bring the dog to work with them.Working From Home - Log Cabin Dunster House with bookshelf

Working From Home - Log Cabin Dunster House Home Office


Lee Shaw
When Lee set up a cleaning company of his own; he never imagined that it would grow at quite an alarming rate. When it did the paperwork quickly spiralled out of control and took over the interior of the house, leaving Lee’s family in dire need of extra space. Rather than look at the costly option of extending his house, Lee looked to Dunster House and found our PremiumPlus Rhine W4.0m x D5.0m. Taking just a week to build and fit, Lee almost instantly had a commercial business space that impressed guests and clients alike. To find out more about Lees Log Cabin, read his case study on our blog.Working From Home - Log Cabin Dunster House Home Office

Working From Home - Log Cabin Dunster House with sofa

With our Log Cabins, you can have an impressive space to work at a fraction of the cost of renting an office space or extending your living space. To find yours today, visit our website or give our sales team a call on 01234 272 44. They will happily discuss your preference, style, budget and find a Log Cabin that suits you.

For more inspiring Garden Buildings, visit the case studies and customer reviews section of our blog. This section is constantly updated with reviews of our products and stunning images to help inspire you with your office.



June 9, 2016

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