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Garden Office Dunster House

Throughout our blogs and social media, we constantly tell you about the benefits of working from home and achieving a great home/work balance. There are a multitude of perks that I could tell you about; saving money on travel and commute, increased productivity and flexibility with working hours. However, for the purpose of this blog, we want to show you why you do not need to purchase one of our Garden Offices for the office.

You could purchase a Log Cabin instead.

Log Cabins Dunster HouseWhether you work in a practical or corporate setting, our Log Cabins can cater to your needs as Aileen Hamilton’s cabin shows. She uses her cabin for a successful Jewellery class. In fact, the class is so successful that she purchased a new larger Log Cabin to fit more people in. With the addition of a few working benches and some tools, she has transformed this into a fantastic workshop.


Her students are as pleased as Aileen was:

The look on the faces of my regular students when they saw how much more space we’ve got and the reaction from everyone else. People love my new workshop and I think they are suitably impressed.”

Log Cabins Dunster House

Of course your Log Cabins can be used for practical purposes which are not professional like Alison Donaldson. She uses her Log Cabin as a hobbie room to indulge in her vast array of craft hobbies. The cabin has provided her with a space free from the house where she can store all that she needs to complete her tasks.

“My arty crafty room was too small for all of my hobbies. Buying the cabin meant I could have a bigger space, my son could then have a bigger bedroom (using what used to be my craft room), which freed up his room to use for guests.”

Log Cabins Dunster House


Your Log Cabin can be for work but still make a statement. Something that Donna Salt emulates fully with her Log Cabin salon conversion. The Log Cabin sits at the bottom of her garden and fits in perfectly. That is until you walk inside it! The interior hosts shocking shades of pink, fairy lights and the biggest array of nail varnishes that we have ever seen.



The salon, with a separate beauty room, shocks the clients and us in all the right ways:

“All my customers love it. Particularly the feel of the cabin when they walk in. And I haven’t had anyone say that they would have it any different. It’s a huge success.”


Of course, not everyone is in the creative business. Sometimes Log Cabins need to be transferredLog Cabins Dunster House into an office for more corporate purposes like Nick Morris. He chose one of our Log Cabins to transform into his home office so he could work from home. The enlarged windows only help  increase the amount of natural light he is exposed to whilst working. Something that is a rarity in many business offices.


He loves that he can use the Garden Office all year round:

“With our toasty, triple-thermal Dunster House Garden Office, our dog can now come to work with us”

Whether you choose to work in one of our Garden Offices or in our Log Cabins, our Garden Buildings offer you an amazing opportunity to reinvent your business and improve the scheduling of your life.

February 23, 2015

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