World Cup Fun

World Cup Dunster House

Tomorrow Brazil and Croatia will start the group stages and all eyes will be on them as the World Cup begins. Millions of people have placed bets, run sweepstakes and are in friendly competition with friends to see who will win the coveted cup.

World Cup Dunster House

Stay on top of the game with our Wall Charts

World Cup Dunster House

Keep track of the second stage with this as the competition heats up!









With 32 teams competing; it can become difficult to keep track of match times, who beat who, who has qualified to the next stage and who the finalists are. Our office is littered with match schedules and progress charts so we can keep track. To help you avoid any confusion in following the games we are providing you with 2 printable World Cup Wall Charts.

Relive the ups and downs of football history  – the triumph in 1966 that united England or the tense 2002 free kick that cost us the World Cup Finals – with our World Cup Winners Poster depicting the flags of all the winners past. Will Brazil win for the 6th time, will 4 time winners Italy even the score or will England make a shock comeback? Use it as a point of debate or simply as a bright decoration to put in your window!

Get the children feel involved in the final preparations with our World Cup Flag Bunting – all you need is a bit of string and some tape to create a colourful decoration for your World Cup Haven ! Either copy and paste one flag to show your support for an individual team or make it interactive by encouraging the kids to tear off the flag of the losing country at the end of each game.

Let their creative juices flow with our Colour in Football Kit! They can choose to colour the football kit in the colours of the team they support or create a completely new team by making it as colourful as possible. The template includes the front and back of the kit, boots and socks, simply print it out and provide colouring pencils– don’t forget to stick their finished masterpiece to the wall of your garden building, for everyone to see!


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June 11, 2014

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