World Environment Day

World Environment Day Dunster House

It’s World Environment Day. Let’s get involved!

Today is World Environment Day. Although you can’t stay in bed as it is not a national holiday, it’s a day, started by United Nations Environment Programme. Campaigns are launched by celebrities, politicians and the public to raise global awareness and to take action to protect nature and the planet earth.  Last year World Environment Day was one of the top ten most tweeted events in the world, millions of you showed your solidarity in the fight against environmental damage.

How to get involved

It’s easy to get involved, and as our Great British Garden Retreat competition showed, many of you are doing your part by ensuring your garden is the best it can be. By planting flowers, trees, shrubs and all kinds of horticulture, you allow bees, butterflies and all other critters to survive.

These two species are crucial for the expansion of the worlds environment; the bees help spread the pollen which helps flowers, vegetables and different oil seeds grow. Whilst the butterfly has unlimited medicinal values – both physical and psychological. If you think you haven’t got enough space for this, we have just the thing!  World Environment Day Dunster House

World Environment Day Dunster House

The TruggyWug gives the children a little bit of garden to call their own.

Our range of planters are ideal for you to create a perfect butterfly friendly or bee haven.




Both the TruggyWug and ChunkyWood raised flowerbed are the must-have accessories for your garden. Coming in two different sizes, these TruggyWug mobile risen flowerbeds can be the perfect home for butterflies and bees.

However, if you want something that is closer to the ground and fixed rather than mobile the ChunkyWood is the thing for you. With both options made out of pressure treated timber, they will withstand the varied British weather.

Furthermore, get the kids involved and make it a project; let them pick the flowers from the long list we have on our blog, take them home and teach them how to plant and maintain the flower. In addition, you can get them interested in wildlife. In the meantime making your garden pretty in the meantime.

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