Why your garden NEEDS a greenhouse?

Garden needs a greenhouse - Shed and Greenhouse

It can be easy, especially just after Christmas, to be fed up with people telling you that you NEED to buy this product and that. You have to have the vegetable spiraliser and you have to have the latest mobile phone. Very rarely, if you actually ask the sales team why you have to have it, are they able to actually tell you.

We, however, are very different. I can tell you exactly why you need a Greenhouse in your garden.

Gardening made easy.

The big question is:

Do I need a greenhouse?

A Greenhouse provides a stable growing environment for your garden. Whether you are an amateur that is just venturing into the world of landscaping, a seasoned pro that has turned his garden into a wildlife sanctuary or someone who could kill an unkillable plant, a Greenhouse makes gardening that much easier. It allows you to get a jumpstart on the growing season, unencumbered by the changing seasons, to give your plants the best chance at surviving until Spring. By having your plants contained in a single room rather than in a large open space such as your garden, you have time to inspect their leaves and soil for signs of diseases or being eaten by garden pests (those that get in of course). You’ll be able to identify it quickly and treat it even quicker.

Garden needs a greenhouse

Grow more.

It can be difficult trying to work out what will grow within your garden. Is the soil right, conditions etc. but with a Greenhouse, the choice is made easy. You can grow anything you like! You could keep it simple to start with, growing your own fruit and vegetables, before moving onto more difficult exotic plants that are not known to your area. Before you know it, you’ll have people coming around desperate to see what you’re growing.

No seasonal stalemate.

There are few things more frustrating than putting in loads of effort over the summer months, only to see your garden deplete during the colder months. With a Greenhouse, this is not a problem. It won’t matter to you if it is the middle of a frosty winter or the height of a hot summer, you can step into the shelter of your Greenhouse all year round.

Garden needs a greenhouse - Serendipity Greenhouse

Save money

Sounds silly, especially as seeds can be sold as cheaply as £1 a pack. A greenhouse will actually save you money. Once you’ve discovered how much you like it, you can easily spend hundreds on plants through the year. Even then, it’s not going to be enough. Some plants won’t make it past the seedling stage, some will deteriorate before they truly bloom. And then – as quick as it all began – it’s over and you have to start all over again. With a Greenhouse, you can grow as many plants as you chose – especially with our unique design that optimises floor space – so your plants will never be without colour and plants. You could even change it up seasonally. There really are no limits ifyou have a Greenhouse.

Good for your health

Dark nights, cold weather and feeling run down can all have an effect on your stress and mental health. Infact, 1 in 3 people in the UK have Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Having a Greenhouse in your garden can help alleviate the symptoms of SAD. By getting you out in the garden and in the natural light. In fact our fully glazed greenhouses will help alleviate symptoms further. How? You will be bathed in natural light from head to toe.

Garden needs a greenhouse - Tulipley Greenhouse

Here are just five of the fantastic reasons you should add a Greenhouse to your garden. I am happy to discuss more in the comments section below or via our social media pages. If you’re convinced and want to know more about our fantastic range, visit our website or call our sales team on 01234 272 445. If it is easier, you can fill in a call back request form and we will get back to you.

January 9, 2017

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